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  • “The man is a true genius”

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    Exclusive official DVD release of Dave Gorman's sold out stand up show, "Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop and Stand Up"

    With a distinctive style of storytelling, Dave has emerged as one of the most unique, original and exciting comedy minds that the UK has produced. Not only is he one of the biggest contemporary comedians and sharpest raconteurs but he is also a hugely successful author.

    His tales of travelling the world in his one man shows, Are You Dave Gorman? (which later became the television series The Dave Gorman Collection) and Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure have dazzled live audiences and broken box office records across the globe.

    ...However, with this brand new show he´s gone back to his roots as a straight up, one-man-and-a-mic stand-up whose material is a ‘mixture of down-to-earth cheerfulness and deeply English eccentricity’. The Guardian

    Gorman has seen his stock rise to such an extent that he´s poised, as never before, to make the leap from cult figure to mainstream phenomenon. Daily Telegraph

  • Dave Gorman: Are You Dave Gorman?
    Are You Dave Gorman?
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    Based on the multi award-winning, Perrier Award-nominated live show (and cult global phenomenon) Are You Dave Gorman? - BBC2's smash hit The Dave Gorman Collection follows Dave on his mission to meet, photograph and shake the hand of 54 of his namesakes (one for every card in the deck....including the jokers)

    Join Dave as a drunken bet becomes a 20,000 mile journey that takes him from New York to Portsmouth, Swindon to Tel Aviv and Edinburgh to Oslo.

    Follow Dave accross the globe as he meets Dave Gorman the semi-retired lighthouse technician, Dave Gorman the American policeman, several Dave Gorman insurance brokers and, of course, Dave Gorman the Assistant Manager of East Fife FC.

    NTSC Region 0 DVD

    BBFC Certificate 12 - By purchasing any DVD or video with the certificate 12 you are declaring that you are 12 years old or over.

  • Dave Gorman: Dave Gorman's Found Poetry
    Dave Gorman's Found Poetry
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    Limited Edition Booklet

    ‘In the north east corner of London ’s Hyde Park stands Speakers’ Corner. There, seven days a week, speeches are made by the great the good and the mad and the bad. Of course it’s mainly the mad and bad as the great the good tend to be in demand elsewhere on account of their great-and-goodness.

    In this age of convenience however, you don’t need to go to Speakers’ Corner to witness such a spectacle. You don’t need to go anywhere. Because the internet brings the madness directly to you. In the form of news website comments sections…’

    Dave Gorman takes the ridiculous, opinionated and maddest comments from a whole host of these sites and weaves them into poetry.

    You may have heard some of them before as part of Dave’s 2011/12 stand-up tour Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation or on his Absolute Radio show. Found Poetry is a little book that features 17 of the best; covering topics which have ignited the comments sections over the past few years, from The French contract to produce British flags, to Prince William’s intention not to wear a wedding ring.

    This 20 Page Booklet has previously only been available at Dave Gorman shows.
    Limited stock is now available only from the official Dave Gorman store.*Last 200 Copies*

    “I particularly loved the jingoistic freeform poem composed entirely from a newspaper comments thread.” The Observer

    “Gorman’s love of the internet is another key thread... while mocking idiotic comments posted on the web provides easy comic grist, Gorman makes it into poetry, literally as well as figuratively.” Chortle